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Monday, August 6

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Joining Forces: An Agile Experiment in Merging Teams (Kevin Normand) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR The First Impression: Techniques for Hiring and Getting Hired by an Agile Company (Robert Woods, Holly Carman) Marriott Salon 8 Introduction to Agile: The Genesis (Paul Hammond) Marina D What's Important About Agile Leadership? (Marsha Acker) Presidio 1 & 2 Verbal Agility -- Facilitation Tips & Techniques (Michele Sliger, Erika Lenz) San Diego CPOPULAR SESSION FULL: T-minus 10… 9… 8… We have lift-off! (Angie Doyle, Talia Lancaster) Marina G The customer is not always right -- and neither are you! (Natalie Warnert) Marina E Your User Stories Are Too Big! (Chris Sims) Marriott Salon 10 & 11POPULAR Microservices vs Monoliths: Finding the Right Size For Services (Ryan Bergman) Cardiff/CarlsbadPOPULAR AppSec in a DevOps World (Peter Chestna) Marina F A Meta-Modern Framework for Agile Organizational Transformations: Integral Agile Framework (Michael Spayd, Michele Madore) Marriott Salon 9POPULAR From Food to the Fed: Quickly and Safely Create and Scale Your Company's Internal Agility (Denise Wolf-Hill, Corey King) Marriott Salon 5 Creating Trust & Psychological Safety: How to Lead with Humble Inquiry (Paul Boos) Marriott Salon 3 & 4POPULAR Knowledge Consumption Velocity (Justin Beall) Marriott Salon 6 Agile and Lean Roadmapping: Incorporating Change at Every Level of Product Planning (Johanna Rothman) San Diego APOPULAR Ask Us Almost Anything - Ron and Chet (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Gamification of software testing - a bit of fun, or a valuable endeavour? (Nicola Sedgwick) Balboa/Mission Hills Welcome the new digital Agile team member, Scrum Master's be aware !! (Jeffson Dsouza, Raghavendra Meharwade) Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Design Thinking Powered by Improvisation for Product Development (April Jefferson, Scott Showalter) Marriott Salon 12 & 13

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SESSION FULL: The power of three: the journey of an Agile Leadership Team (Nienke Alma) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR Hunting for Diamonds: Hiring the Very Best for Your Agile Team (Jeffrey Davidson, Jo Avent) Marriott Salon 8 Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams (Esther Derby) Marina DPOPULAR Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion: What Part Does My Privilege Play? (Steve Holyer, Cara Turner) Presidio 1 & 2 Everything I Learned About Agile Coaching, I Learned in Little League Baseball (Steven Granese) Marina FPOPULAR Being Agile in a Remote Team (Shannon Ewan, Shane Hastie) Marriott Salon 10 & 11POPULAR Inspired Teams : Emotional Intelligence as a Performance Multiplier (Jorgen Hesselberg, Steven Wolff) Marina GPOPULAR Worm holes to product innovation: Fold your edges (Dhaval Panchal) Marriott Salon 6 FP vs. OOP: Beyond the Bikeshed (Colin Jones) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management (Jeff Sutherland) San Diego CPOPULAR Show Me the Money! Defining Enterprise Value at Scale (Gail Ferreira) Marriott Salon 5 Lead Like a Multiplier (Mariya Breyter) Marina EPopular Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking (Al Shalloway) San Diego APOPULAR The Power of Curiosity, the Limits of Expertise, and the Danger of Earned Dogmatism (John Krewson) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Projects Are Evil (David Hawks) Marriott Salon 9Popular Scaling Product Backlogs to All Levels of the Enterprise: What, Who and How? (Candase Hokanson) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR Ask Me Almost Anything - David Hussman (David Hussman) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Should testers participate in code reviews? (Seb Rose) Cardiff/Carlsbad Agile Organizations in the future: How we are moving there! (Andre Nascimento, Renato Willi) Marriott Salon 1 & 2Popular Business Agility Lab Marriott Grand Foyer

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"Soup or Salad" - Models of Diversity (Avraham Poupko) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3 Alignment, achieved! Smoothing siloes with agile strategy articulation (Eric Willeke) Marriott Salon 8POPULAR SESSION FULL: What kind of resources are your humans? Bringing an Agile touch to Human Resources (Biase De Gregorio, Angie Doyle) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR SESSION FULL: Product Ownership, Explained (Richard Seroter) Marina DPOPULAR Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion: What Part Does My Privilege Play? II (Steve Holyer, Cara Turner) Presidio 1 & 2 Never Would I Ever! Examining Your Agile Non-negotiables (Jenny Tarwater, Laura Powers) Marriott Salon 12 & 13Popular "A Close-up with Conflict" - Games to Transform Conflict into Collaboration!! (Pradeepa Narayanaswamy) Marriott Salon 3 & 4POPULAR Community-Driven Change (Shahin Sheidaei, Shawn Button) San Diego C Practical Behavior Design You Can Use Today (Chris Shinkle) Marriott Salon 6 Effective Testing for the Whole Team: A workshop for everyone who cares (Clare Sudbery) Cardiff/CarlsbadPOPULAR DevOpsing your Greenfield: Cultivating New Growth (Richard Mills) Marina E Pivot on a dime – Business Agility experiments @ scale (Deema Dajani) Marriott Salon 5Popular Management vs. Leadership – A problematic distraction to stop you from improving. (Jake Calabrese) Marina GPOPULAR Organizational Learning: Getting Off the Ground (Alex Yakyma) San Diego APopular Probabilistic Forecasting using data: Measuring how long it's going to take to deliver (Adam Yuret) Marriott Salon 9POPULAR Ask Me Almost Anything - Diana Larsen (Diana Larsen) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Facilitation skills for Testers (Toby Sinclair) Marina F Agile is Dead, and it Died in Infancy (Doug Knesek) Marriott Salon 1 & 2Popular Visualizing and Creating High-Performance Customer-centric Design (Chloe Bregman) Marriott Salon 10 & 11

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