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Monday, August 6

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Joining Forces: An Agile Experiment in Merging Teams (Kevin Normand)POPULAR Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3 The First Impression: Techniques for Hiring and Getting Hired by an Agile Company (Robert Woods, Holly Carman) Marriott Salon 8 Introduction to Agile: The Genesis (Paul Hammond) Marina D What's Important About Agile Leadership? (Marsha Acker) Presidio 1 & 2 Verbal Agility -- Facilitation Tips & Techniques (Michele Sliger, Erika Lenz)POPULAR San Diego C SESSION FULL: T-minus 10… 9… 8… We have lift-off! (Angie Doyle, Talia Lancaster) Marina G The customer is not always right -- and neither are you! (Natalie Warnert) Marina E Your User Stories Are Too Big! (Chris Sims)POPULAR Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Microservices vs Monoliths: Finding the Right Size For Services (Ryan Bergman)POPULAR Cardiff/Carlsbad AppSec in a DevOps World (Peter Chestna) Marina F A Meta-Modern Framework for Agile Organizational Transformations: Integral Agile Framework (Michael Spayd, Michele Madore)POPULAR Marriott Salon 9 From Food to the Fed: Quickly and Safely Create and Scale Your Company's Internal Agility (Denise Wolf-Hill, Corey King) Marriott Salon 5 Creating Trust & Psychological Safety: How to Lead with Humble Inquiry (Paul Boos)POPULAR Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Knowledge Consumption Velocity (Justin Beall) Marriott Salon 6 Agile and Lean Roadmapping: Incorporating Change at Every Level of Product Planning (Johanna Rothman)POPULAR San Diego A Ask Us Almost Anything - Ron and Chet (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Gamification of software testing - a bit of fun, or a valuable endeavour? (Nicola Sedgwick) Balboa/Mission Hills Welcome the new digital Agile team member, Scrum Master's be aware !! (Jeffson Dsouza, Raghavendra Meharwade) Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Design Thinking Powered by Improvisation for Product Development (April Jefferson, Scott Showalter) Marriott Salon 12 & 13

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SESSION FULL: The power of three: the journey of an Agile Leadership Team (Nienke Alma)POPULAR Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3 Hunting for Diamonds: Hiring the Very Best for Your Agile Team (Jeffrey Davidson, Jo Avent) Marriott Salon 8 Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams (Esther Derby)POPULAR Marina D Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion: What Part Does My Privilege Play? (Steve Holyer, Cara Turner) Presidio 1 & 2 Everything I Learned About Agile Coaching, I Learned in Little League Baseball (Steven Granese)POPULAR Marina F Being Agile in a Remote Team (Shannon Ewan, Shane Hastie)POPULAR Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Inspired Teams : Emotional Intelligence as a Performance Multiplier (Jorgen Hesselberg, Steven Wolff)POPULAR Marina G Worm holes to product innovation: Fold your edges (Dhaval Panchal) Marriott Salon 6 FP vs. OOP: Beyond the Bikeshed (Colin Jones) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management (Jeff Sutherland)POPULAR San Diego C Show Me the Money! Defining Enterprise Value at Scale (Gail Ferreira) Marriott Salon 5 Lead Like a Multiplier (Mariya Breyter)Popular Marina E Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking (Al Shalloway)POPULAR San Diego A The Power of Curiosity, the Limits of Expertise, and the Danger of Earned Dogmatism (John Krewson) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Projects Are Evil (David Hawks)Popular Marriott Salon 9 Scaling Product Backlogs to All Levels of the Enterprise: What, Who and How? (Candase Hokanson)POPULAR Balboa/Mission Hills Ask Me Almost Anything - David Hussman (David Hussman) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Should testers participate in code reviews? (Seb Rose) Cardiff/Carlsbad Agile Organizations in the future: How we are moving there! (Andre Nascimento, Renato Willi)Popular Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Business Agility Lab Marriott Grand Foyer

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"Soup or Salad" - Models of Diversity (Avraham Poupko) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3 Alignment, achieved! Smoothing siloes with agile strategy articulation (Eric Willeke)POPULAR Marriott Salon 8 SESSION FULL: What kind of resources are your humans? Bringing an Agile touch to Human Resources (Biase De Gregorio, Angie Doyle)POPULAR Balboa/Mission Hills SESSION FULL: Product Ownership, Explained (Richard Seroter)POPULAR Marina D Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion: What Part Does My Privilege Play? II (Steve Holyer, Cara Turner) Presidio 1 & 2 Never Would I Ever! Examining Your Agile Non-negotiables (Jenny Tarwater, Laura Powers)Popular Marriott Salon 12 & 13 "A Close-up with Conflict" - Games to Transform Conflict into Collaboration!! (Pradeepa Narayanaswamy)POPULAR Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Community-Driven Change (Shahin Sheidaei, Shawn Button) San Diego C Practical Behavior Design You Can Use Today (Chris Shinkle) Marriott Salon 6 Effective Testing for the Whole Team: A workshop for everyone who cares (Clare Sudbery)POPULAR Cardiff/Carlsbad DevOpsing your Greenfield: Cultivating New Growth (Richard Mills) Marina E Pivot on a dime – Business Agility experiments @ scale (Deema Dajani)Popular Marriott Salon 5 Management vs. Leadership – A problematic distraction to stop you from improving. (Jake Calabrese)POPULAR Marina G Organizational Learning: Getting Off the Ground (Alex Yakyma)Popular San Diego A Probabilistic Forecasting using data: Measuring how long it's going to take to deliver (Adam Yuret)POPULAR Marriott Salon 9 Ask Me Almost Anything - Diana Larsen (Diana Larsen) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Facilitation skills for Testers (Toby Sinclair) Marina F Agile is Dead, and it Died in Infancy (Doug Knesek)Popular Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Visualizing and Creating High-Performance Customer-centric Design (Chloe Bregman) Marriott Salon 10 & 11

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