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Thursday, August 9

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Self-organizing competency building and practice sharing with a group of 12 Agile Coaches (Gerrit Lutter) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3Popular Designing for Agile Delight! Customer Obsessed Innovation at Intuit (Ian Maple) Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Data Driven Coaching (Julia Wester, Cheryl Hammond) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Let's tell our stories : Agile as catalyst for personal growth (Antoinette Coetzee) Presidio 1 & 2 Using FEEDBACK JUJITSU to Create Accountability & Accomplish Great Work (Jeffrey Davidson) Marina GPopular Connecting People and Principles (Alicia McLain, Cherie Silas) San Diego A Hacking organisational culture for the future workforce (Reneshan Moodley) San Diego C Lean Experiments with Agile Teams (David Bland) Marriott Salon 5Popular The 5 Pillars of Collaborative Product Ownership (John Le Drew) Marriott Salon 12 & 13POPULAR Agile Development with JavaScript (Gillian Lee, Varun Vachhar) Cardiff/Carlsbad Hypothesis Driven Development by Example (Wouter Lagerweij) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Can we deploy mobile native apps multiple times per day with confidence? (Karl Krukow) Marina E Addressing Your CFO's Concerns to an Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation (Paul Argiry) Marina F From Operational to Strategic Agility (Stephen Denning) Marina DPOPULAR Kanban in Action: Helping Leaders Improve Flow (Trent Hone, Mark Grove) Marriott Salon 9POPULAR Lightning Talks 3 (Emma Armstrong) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 The Modern PMO: How the top PMO offices are wildly successful using agile methods (Laureen Knudsen, Doug Dockery) Marriott Salon 8POPULAR Role playing for testers: Expand your testing with personas and roles (Mark Winteringham, Alan Parkinson) Balboa/Mission Hills Communicating Ideas Through Sketches (Virginia Cagwin) Marriott Salon 6 Agile Alliance Initiatives Marriott Grand Foyer Agile Alliance Lounge Open Marriott Grand Foyer

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Scaling agile development across loosely coupled teams using microservice architecture (Anastas Stoyanovksy, Steven Pritko) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR The Dojo - where IT and Business teams unite. Target's journey to Business Agility. (Travis Klinker, AMY WALTERS) Marina FPOPULAR Forecasting and Estimation Hands-On (Ozlem Yuce) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Somatic Experiment - Experiencing Discomfort and Joy II (Caroline Sauve) Presidio 1 & 2 Anatomy of a Great Meeting (Rachel Weston Rowell) Marriott Salon 8Popular Coaching Heuristics: What's in Your Tookit? (Victor Bonacci) Marriott Salon 3 & 4POPULAR Becoming the Catalyst - The Spark of Change that Will Move Your Team Forward (Jeremy Kriegel) San Diego CPopular Self-Selection gamified: bring your own spooky questions! (Dana Pylayeva) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Extreme Customer Feedback — How Riot took millions of players' input to rebuild their game (Guillaume Turmel, Adam Gold) Marriott Salon 5 Impact Mapping Workshop - Deliver The Greatest Customer Value, Don’t Just Ship Products (John Hughes, Rachel Whitt) Marriott Salon 12 & 13POPULAR BDD microskill: crafting constraints through tests (Llewellyn Falco) Marriott Salon 9 The Twelve-Factor Pipeline (Juni Mukherjee) Cardiff/CarlsbadPopular The secret agile structure within your organisation (Evan Leybourn) Marina D Heroes are Expensive - Extinguishing the Firefighting Culture (Sue Johnston) San Diego APOPULAR The 'A' Word: how we broke and fixed team autonomy (Elizabeth Ayer, Gareth Bragg) Marina E Teaching Agile: An Instructor's Guide (Ken Howard, Don McGreal) Marina GPopular Agile Forecasting With The Wisdom of Crowds (Ron Quartel, Quinn Gil) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR Delivering Value and Defeating the Cobra Effect (Edward Wisniowski) Marriott Salon 6 Think Like A User; Test Like A Machine! Tips and Tricks for Writing Optimum UI Tests (Marianne Erickson) Marriott Salon 10 & 11

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When Agile and Lean Converge – The IT Transformation at American Electric Power (Joe Astolfi, Gregory Dartt) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR Running a Kanban Business Kanban Style (Todd Little, Janice Linden-Reed) Marina FPopular Quantifying Value and Prioritization Decision Making Frameworks (Joshua Arnold, Matt Barcomb) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Agile for Humanity II (Dave Cornelius) Presidio 1 & 2 Immunity to Change (Pavel Dabrytski) Marriott Salon 6 The Joy and Reach of Pair Coaching (Kerri Sutey) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Chef’s team (Zuzana Sochova) Marina D Say "Yes" to "No" - The Power of "No" in Agile (Laura Powers) Marina GPOPULAR Stepping Stones in Refactoring to Microservices (Amr Noaman) San Diego A Strategic Domain-Driven Design (Nick Tune) Cardiff/Carlsbad "Three Ways" of DevOps (Anil Jaising, Linda Fung) Marina E Sociocracy: Key to Resolving the Conflict Between Shareholders and Customers (John Buck) Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Biology of Powerful Powerless Leader (Anna Obukhova) Marriott Salon 8Popular Realizing business agility with adaptive management (Pranay Kumar Chanda) Marriott Salon 9 Cultivating Space for Learning (Faye Thompson) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 The Knowledge Potluck: Bringing Learning Communities Together to Apply Agile Practices (Katy Saulpaugh) San Diego C Business Agility with Innovation Accounting Workshop (Joseph Vallone) Marriott Salon 5 Testing From Day 1 (Fadi Stephan) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR From Complete Strangers to Allies: Disrupting the Perception of Design in an Enterprise (Natalie Kuhn) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 Business Agility Lab Marriott Grand Foyer

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Being Big, Feeling Small (Diolinda Vaz) Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Selves or Artifacts? Where Should the Focus Lie? (Michael Feathers, Janelle Klein) Presidio 1 & 2 Wholehearted Conversations for Coaches and Other Humans (Alex Harms) Marina G Your Agile Blind Spot: Ten Attitudes that Limit Agility (Gil Broza) Marina EPOPULAR Harness the Hive! Bottom Line Impacts of Team Collaboration (Bernie Maloney) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 The surprising links between Agile and Jazz (Peter Green) San Diego A Architectural Kata (with Tarot) (Martin Salias) Balboa/Mission Hills Architecting Your App & Pipeline for Continuous Delivery - 10 DO's for Successful DevOps (Anders Wallgren) Marina FPopular Creating Chaos … Engineering (Shahzad Zafar) Marriott Salon 8 SESSION FULL: Home Remedies for Allergies to Enterprise Agile and Scrum Masters (Alan Padula) Marina DPopular A Leader's Guide to Complexity Theory (Catherine Swetel) Marriott Salon 10 & 11Popular The Agile Gymnasium (Thomas Perry) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3Popular Things That Go Bump in the Night - Conquer Your Scariest Work Problems with Movies and Fun (Joe Ziadeh, Jolene Jangles) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Your brain is broken, and you suck at making decisions (Nate Adams) San Diego CPOPULAR Lean Startup for Corporations (ElMohanned Mohamed, Ali Zewail) Marriott Salon 5 Take the Red Pill and the Blue Pill - delivering policy with Agility (Mia Horrigan, Matthew Hodgson) Marriott Salon 6 Let’s take a ride in the DeLorean: Building for our future selves (Rodrigo Sanchez) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Continuous Strategy for Enterprise User Experience Design (Victor Lombardi) Cardiff/CarlsbadPopular Experiment-Driven Design: A New Model for Continuous Agile Discovery (Skot Carruth) Marriott Salon 9

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