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Thursday, August 9




Self-organizing competency building and practice sharing with a group of 12 Agile Coaches (Gerrit Lutter) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3Popular Designing for Agile Delight! Customer Obsessed Innovation at Intuit (Ian Maple) Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Data Driven Coaching (Julia Wester, Cheryl Hammond) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Let's tell our stories : Agile as catalyst for personal growth (Antoinette Coetzee) Presidio 1 & 2 Using FEEDBACK JUJITSU to Create Accountability & Accomplish Great Work (Jeffrey Davidson) Marina GPopular Connecting People and Principles (Alicia McLain, Cherie Silas) San Diego A Hacking organisational culture for the future workforce (Reneshan Moodley) San Diego C Lean Experiments with Agile Teams (David Bland) Marriott Salon 5Popular The 5 Pillars of Collaborative Product Ownership (John Le Drew) Marriott Salon 12 & 13POPULAR Agile Development with JavaScript (Gillian Lee, Varun Vachhar) Cardiff/Carlsbad Hypothesis Driven Development by Example (Wouter Lagerweij) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Can we deploy mobile native apps multiple times per day with confidence? (Karl Krukow) Marina E Addressing Your CFO's Concerns to an Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation (Paul Argiry) Marina F From Operational to Strategic Agility (Stephen Denning) Marina DPOPULAR Kanban in Action: Helping Leaders Improve Flow (Trent Hone, Mark Grove) Marriott Salon 9POPULAR Lightning Talks 3 (Emma Armstrong) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 The Modern PMO: How the top PMO offices are wildly successful using agile methods (Laureen Knudsen, Doug Dockery) Marriott Salon 8POPULAR Role playing for testers: Expand your testing with personas and roles (Mark Winteringham, Alan Parkinson) Balboa/Mission Hills Communicating Ideas Through Sketches (Virginia Cagwin) Marriott Salon 6 Agile Alliance Initiatives Marriott Grand Foyer Agile Alliance Lounge Open Marriott Grand Foyer





Scaling agile development across loosely coupled teams using microservice architecture (Anastas Stoyanovksy, Steven Pritko) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR The Dojo - where IT and Business teams unite. Target's journey to Business Agility. (Travis Klinker, AMY WALTERS) Marina FPOPULAR Forecasting and Estimation Hands-On (Ozlem Yuce) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Somatic Experiment - Experiencing Discomfort and Joy II (Caroline Sauve) Presidio 1 & 2 Anatomy of a Great Meeting (Rachel Weston Rowell) Marriott Salon 8Popular Coaching Heuristics: What's in Your Tookit? (Victor Bonacci) Marriott Salon 3 & 4POPULAR Becoming the Catalyst - The Spark of Change that Will Move Your Team Forward (Jeremy Kriegel) San Diego CPopular Self-Selection gamified: bring your own spooky questions! (Dana Pylayeva) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Extreme Customer Feedback — How Riot took millions of players' input to rebuild their game (Guillaume Turmel, Adam Gold) Marriott Salon 5 Impact Mapping Workshop - Deliver The Greatest Customer Value, Don’t Just Ship Products (John Hughes, Rachel Whitt) Marriott Salon 12 & 13POPULAR BDD microskill: crafting constraints through tests (Llewellyn Falco) Marriott Salon 9 The Twelve-Factor Pipeline (Juni Mukherjee) Cardiff/CarlsbadPopular The secret agile structure within your organisation (Evan Leybourn) Marina D Heroes are Expensive - Extinguishing the Firefighting Culture (Sue Johnston) San Diego APOPULAR The 'A' Word: how we broke and fixed team autonomy (Elizabeth Ayer, Gareth Bragg) Marina E Teaching Agile: An Instructor's Guide (Ken Howard, Don McGreal) Marina GPopular Agile Forecasting With The Wisdom of Crowds (Ron Quartel, Quinn Gil) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR Delivering Value and Defeating the Cobra Effect (Edward Wisniowski) Marriott Salon 6 Think Like A User; Test Like A Machine! Tips and Tricks for Writing Optimum UI Tests (Marianne Erickson) Marriott Salon 10 & 11





When Agile and Lean Converge – The IT Transformation at American Electric Power (Joe Astolfi, Gregory Dartt) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3POPULAR Running a Kanban Business Kanban Style (Todd Little, Janice Linden-Reed) Marina FPopular Quantifying Value and Prioritization Decision Making Frameworks (Joshua Arnold, Matt Barcomb) Marriott Salon 1 & 2POPULAR Agile for Humanity II (Dave Cornelius) Presidio 1 & 2 Immunity to Change (Pavel Dabrytski) Marriott Salon 6 The Joy and Reach of Pair Coaching (Kerri Sutey) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Chef’s team (Zuzana Sochova) Marina D Say "Yes" to "No" - The Power of "No" in Agile (Laura Powers) Marina GPOPULAR Stepping Stones in Refactoring to Microservices (Amr Noaman) San Diego A Strategic Domain-Driven Design (Nick Tune) Cardiff/Carlsbad "Three Ways" of DevOps (Anil Jaising, Linda Fung) Marina E Sociocracy: Key to Resolving the Conflict Between Shareholders and Customers (John Buck) Marriott Salon 10 & 11 Biology of Powerful Powerless Leader (Anna Obukhova) Marriott Salon 8Popular Realizing business agility with adaptive management (Pranay Kumar Chanda) Marriott Salon 9 Cultivating Space for Learning (Faye Thompson) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 The Knowledge Potluck: Bringing Learning Communities Together to Apply Agile Practices (Katy Saulpaugh) San Diego C Business Agility with Innovation Accounting Workshop (Joseph Vallone) Marriott Salon 5 Testing From Day 1 (Fadi Stephan) Balboa/Mission HillsPOPULAR From Complete Strangers to Allies: Disrupting the Perception of Design in an Enterprise (Natalie Kuhn) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 Business Agility Lab Marriott Grand Foyer




Being Big, Feeling Small (Diolinda Vaz) Marriott Salon 1 & 2 Selves or Artifacts? Where Should the Focus Lie? (Michael Feathers, Janelle Klein) Presidio 1 & 2 Wholehearted Conversations for Coaches and Other Humans (Alex Harms) Marina G Your Agile Blind Spot: Ten Attitudes that Limit Agility (Gil Broza) Marina EPOPULAR Harness the Hive! Bottom Line Impacts of Team Collaboration (Bernie Maloney) Marriott Salon 12 & 13 The surprising links between Agile and Jazz (Peter Green) San Diego A Architectural Kata (with Tarot) (Martin Salias) Balboa/Mission Hills Architecting Your App & Pipeline for Continuous Delivery - 10 DO's for Successful DevOps (Anders Wallgren) Marina FPopular Creating Chaos … Engineering (Shahzad Zafar) Marriott Salon 8 SESSION FULL: Home Remedies for Allergies to Enterprise Agile and Scrum Masters (Alan Padula) Marina DPopular A Leader's Guide to Complexity Theory (Catherine Swetel) Marriott Salon 10 & 11Popular The Agile Gymnasium (Thomas Perry) Torrey Pines Room 1, 2, & 3Popular Things That Go Bump in the Night - Conquer Your Scariest Work Problems with Movies and Fun (Joe Ziadeh, Jolene Jangles) Marriott Salon 3 & 4 Your brain is broken, and you suck at making decisions (Nate Adams) San Diego CPOPULAR Lean Startup for Corporations (ElMohanned Mohamed, Ali Zewail) Marriott Salon 5 Take the Red Pill and the Blue Pill - delivering policy with Agility (Mia Horrigan, Matthew Hodgson) Marriott Salon 6 Let’s take a ride in the DeLorean: Building for our future selves (Rodrigo Sanchez) Rancho Santa Fe 1, 2, & 3 Continuous Strategy for Enterprise User Experience Design (Victor Lombardi) Cardiff/CarlsbadPOPULAR Experiment-Driven Design: A New Model for Continuous Agile Discovery (Skot Carruth) Marriott Salon 9