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Jay Boyle

World Wide Technology
Sr. Training Specialist
Greater St. Louis Area
When I was a kid I was told I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up, but my acceptance letter from Hogwarts was lost in the mail and I could never find a vacancy for pilot of the Millennium Falcon. Eventually I had to find a gig to pay the bills, and so began a series of global misadventures in the world of education and adult learning.
For over ten years I've brought my own personal brand of caffeine-fueled tomfoolery to classrooms, boardrooms, and conference centers. I've been a High School teacher, EFL teacher, corporate trainer, and varying shades of in-between - but somehow through it all I've managed to maintain a healthy level of insanity.
I now support my company's Agile transformation through strategic use of pop-culture references and extreme nerdiness.